07 Apr

122,695 international graduates received Post Graduate Work Permits (PGWP) in 2020. 

Over half of them live in Ontario – 70,335 individuals (57.3%). 

British Columbia is the second largest province where international graduates reside – 20,625 PGWP holders (16.8%). 

Quebec was the third in 2020 – 13,405 persons (10.9%). 

Alberta is a home for 5,965 international graduates (4.9%). 

Manitoba is the location of the other 4,825 graduates (3.9). 

1,865 PGWPs were issued in Saskatchewan (1.5%). 

In the four Atlantic provinces, IRCC issued 5,320 PGWPs with Nova Scotia and New Brunswick among the regional leaders with 3,085 (2.5%) and 1,265 (1%) PGWPs. 

Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island attracted fewer postgrads – only 540 and 430 respectively. 

Finally, the least PGWP-holders reside in Yukon – 95, and the Northwest Territories – 30. 

No PGWP issued in Nunavut in 2020.

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