26 Mar

Randstand Canada has released a report identifying the 15 most in-demand jobs in Canada in 2021. The report is based on data from Randstand's job tracking systems, as well as data complied by Granter Talent Neuron, an analytics firm that collects job data from over 65,000 sources.

Economy in Canada is healing from the Covid_19 impact. Throughout 2021, the trend is expected to continue while restrictions are loosen and the virus is brought under control. 

As we are adapting to the ‘new normal’ in 2021, the world of jobs and vacancies is adapting as well.

Globally, companies have pivoted to find a path forward. That has led to a large-scale shift to remote work, increased use of digital collaboration tools, new and improved health and safety policies, and updated office and workplace layouts, among many other changes. 

As we look to 2021, the prognosis is good for most sectors.

Below are the top 15 jobs in Canada for 2021:

  1. Administrative assistant
  2. Customer service representative
  3. Sales associate
  4. Driver
  5. Accounts payable & receivable
  6. Registered nurse
  7. General laborer
  8. Project manager
  9. Welder
  10. Electrical engineer
  11. Software developer
  12. Merchandiser
  13. Accountant
  14. HR manager
  15. Financial advisor

 According to Randstad 7 out of 10 employers in Canada plan to re-hire the laid-off employees after the coronavirus pandemic is over.

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