30 Aug

Recently, Justin Trudeau announced at a press conference that Canada will help resettle at least 20,000 Afghan refugees. 

Canada has already processed 3,000 applications and confirmed that there are 6,000 eligible Afghan residents that can come to Canada. 

Trudeau also promised to continue supporting Afghan refugees in the future. 

According to Canadian Immigration Minister Mendicino, 1,100 Afghan refugees have landed in Canada successfully. 

In addition, there are still 12 Canadian aircraft flying from Afghanistan to Canada. 

At the same time, Canada failed to evacuate Afghan families. 

On August 26, 2021, at a briefing, acting Chief of the Defense Staff, Wayne Eyre, said that Canada had evacuated to safety 3,700 Canadians, permanent residents, vulnerable Afghans, and citizens of other countries. 

However, according to Daniel Mills, assistant deputy minister in Canada’s immigration ministry, the Government had received 8,000 applications from Afghan residents to come to Canada. 

At the same briefing, he also said that no one knows how many of those 8,000 had escaped to neighboring countries or might have been airlifted out by allies.

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