05 Nov

The application process is different for every post-secondary school in Canada. Ontario colleges have different requirements from those of other provinces. Canadian post-secondary institutions do not set an age limit for applicants. As long as they have graduated from high school, they can move on to their post-secondary studies at any point in their lives. In the entire application and study process, peers and professors will not treat you any differently because of your age. Ontario universities and colleges offer a variety of programs, including degree and certificate programs. Certificate programs are non-degree programs and are more commonly offered by colleges. They have a short enrolment period, which is suitable for most newcomers. If you already have many years of work experience and higher education from your country, non-degree certificate programs are a good option to touch upon your knowledge, improve your English proficiency, develop new skills, and can become a pathway for immigration. Hence, colleges always become the preferred option for international students.

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